every piece has a story

What does vintage upcycled mean? That the vintage textiles from which these clothes are made were all part of someone's life, in a completely different form.

So when you buy from me, because you recognize yourself in a dress or a bag, it arrives, you put it on, you will feel the magic and love flowing from them, and you can fill them with beautiful experiences for many years. 🌞

byRinature and me

Hello, I'm Rita from Budapest!

byRinature is a one-person label where I create unique, one-off recycled clothes and accessories from used vintage textiles. Each piece is completely my own work, from the procurement of materials to the last thread.

I often transform ready-made objects, so I reuse tablecloths, towels, bed linen or even curtains and make them wearable and timeless.

Like many small entrepreneurs, everything is my own work, from choosing textiles to making patterns, sewing, photography, modeling, shipping, etc.