About the brand

Hello! I'm Rita, I make upcycle clothes and accessories exclusively from vintage textiles ♻️

Easy to vary and versatile, colorful feminine pieces inspired by punk and classic rock and the style of the 70s, but comfortable for everyday wear.

Like many small business, I also make everything, from fabric selection to the preparation of tailoring samples, to sewing, to photography, modeling, delivery, etc. 🥰

I think it is important to always say that the vintage textiles from which these unique clothes are made were all part of someone, in a completely different form✨

Stains and tears are the imprints of this life, memories, and parts of the textile's history. Most of the time, stained tablecloths are no longer considered valuable when I pick at a flea market, sometimes treasured textiles emerge from the "trash" pile...
With byRinature, I am joining this circle, giving long-forgotten textiles a new opportunity, in a new form, and with a small movement, I help to put them back into the "fashion circle". Of course, I don't think I'm going to save the world, but I think if I'm going to make clothes for you, it's my duty to take extra care not to cause more damage, and my goal is to show you retro/vintage patterned stuff that's really cool, freakin' unique, and moreover, their process is more sustainable than other alternatives. 💚

So when you buy from me, because you see a part of yourself in the clothes or bags, it arrives, you put it on, you will feel the ✨magic and love that I put into it, so you can fill them with beautiful experiences for many years. 🌞

Anyway, that's it, hugs!
Rita ☮️